Small plates to share and destroy. Natural wines. Spirited spirits.

Our cooking has its roots in rustic French and Mediterranean cuisine, expressed with modern rigour, precision, and at times perversity. We believe in giving whole beasts their due, and that extends not only to offal and off-cuts, the high-lights and low-lights of the flesh, but to the radishes and rutabagas that went into making them. We want to extend this philosophy into everything on offer at Industry Standard: From the inspired witchery of our house-made bitters to our selection of natural and biodynamic wines (curated by Viniculture) that express the soil and sea, the sky and the sweat that fed them. Forgotten or unexpected connections. Whole beasts, some of which, admittedly, may be mythical. We think that "comfort food" is a played-out conceit signaling compromise more than any attempt to really connect. Food can be challenging as well as comforting - comforting because it is just goddamn delicious.

So for drinking, fighting, feasting, lusting, larding and barding, reverent riffs on deserved classics, come to Neukölln. We will feed you.